Annabelle 2

Annabelle 2

Annabelle 2

Annabelle 2

Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmakers possessed creation, Annabelle.

Annabelle 2 Details

Title Annabelle 2
Air Date May 19, 2017
Runtime 0 Minutes
Networks New Line Cinema,
Genres Horror,
Country United States of America,
Languages en,

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Annabelle 2 REVIEWS

  • completely nonsensical horror movie

    September 2nd, 2017

    i don't understand how you can call this movie average, let alone good. it has problems in pretty much every event that ever happens.. * what are the rules?. -> the demon can be exorcised by a priest easily, as shown at the end. -> the demon is immune against crosses and prayers, as shown in the middle of the movie. -> the demon can be imprisoned ...

  • Why why why!?

    August 25th, 2017

    How can this movie have such a high rating? I went to see this one in theaters tonight because I thought it would be good. Instead all I got were some cheap loud sound scares. There was nothing really scary about this whole movie. Every time I thought something scary would happen I got disappointed by a loud sound effect and a flash image.. I kept...

  • A prequel of a prequel has no business being this good. 

    July 20th, 2017

    A prequel of Annabelle, which was the prequel of The Conjuring. Absolutely nobody asked for this. Nobody wanted this. No one. But, thankfully (surprising, right?) we got it. . Annabelle: Creation has no business being this good. Funny enough, the same can be said about 2016's Ouija: Origins of Evil. It is strange that these two bizarrely similar ...

  • Better than the first!

    July 20th, 2017

    Was lucky enough to see an advanced screening the other day and was glad I went! . Not only was it a good horror movie, it was also actually a good movie! The story line was solid and made sense. Far more creepier than the original Annabelle, yet I found I didn't jump as much as I did in the first film. Yet the atmosphere it created left me on the...

  • How is this movie getting such good reviews? Have our standards really plummeted this much?

    August 17th, 2017

    Originally, I had gone into this with very low expectations as the last Annabelle movie was a complete flop for me. Ultimately, my tune changed a bit when I saw that this one was actually getting decent reviews, which is rare for a horror movie altogether. I feel as thought there has been a MAJOR drought in quality, domestic horror movies over the...

  • What a waste of time and money.

    August 20th, 2017

    Goodness this movie was bad. I cannot believe the high ratings it has been getting. I am wondering if we watched the same film. I don't even know where to begin.. First of all, little things like gorgeous, obviously made up nuns annoy me.. Secondly, what a disjointed, cliché-riddled movie. It didn't take me long to just wish it would end. . The p...

  • Way overrated. I walked out

    August 16th, 2017

    First, a car wouldn't cruise by a stranded family trying to replace a tire and not slow down. Second, even a kid would have instinctive enough to not bolt out into the road when they're in the middle of nowhere and there's a car coming, especially on a dirt road. Even though the kid's on the far side of their handicapped car, she can hear the car ...

  • Sucked

    August 20th, 2017

    When I see a doll on the movie poster and it's suppose to be a "horror" movie......I expected the doll to move and actually be the one killing as opposed to just a demon spirit being the one doing the killing. If that's the case remove the doll and just make the movie about an evil spirit. False advertising, it's like A Fast and Furious movie putt...

  • The Creation Of a Better Prequel!

    August 10th, 2017

    So many years ago, the Conjuring dropped into theaters and opened up a movie universe that would bestow nightmares to the audience members who saw it. This weekend, the latest installment in this haunted world with Annabelle Creation. A prequel to the last film, this possessed doll continues to be a popular figure head in the occult series to warr...

  • Conjuring franchise saves itself from itself

    August 8th, 2017

    Annabelle: Creation is a thoroughly well-executed and thought-out medium budget horror in a creepy house with a creepy doll. It is also a borderline comedy at times, cleverly realising that the doll is not only scary but also rather ridiculous. Moving from scares to laughter and back was done with outstanding precision and taste.. The effect where...

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